Ensemble montre + bracelet + collier

Ensemble montre + bracelet + collier

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Poids 13 kg
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 cm

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  1. Tyra Kliem

    It goes back to the old story about the ship that sailed around the world, and as it sailed around the world some of the wood rotted in the sea water and the rotten pieces would be swapped out as the boat made its voyage. By the time the ship returns home every single plank has been replaced. Is it the same boat? Or another favourite; “this is the best axe I’ve ever owned, I’ve only had to replace the head twice, and the handle four times…”To that end, once you replace the movement, even with exactly the same movement as originally specced, the watch is a different watch. Right? Like the boards of a ship, or an axe. It might be similar to the original, but essentially it’s a new thing, created in the spirit of the original. So….Tag put a crap movement in their watch. Does replacing it with something different/better make it counterfeit? It’s a question of semantics, really. Counterfeit implies deceit. It implies that you’re trying to get away with something, to fake something. So, for me, it’s about disclosing the history and intent of the watch. The watch was genuine at the beginning. And one would buy a Tag, or Oris, or Rolex, or whatever with an idea about what a watch is. What that watch is. The original Ronda quartz movement wasn’t an in-house offering. So replacing it with a similar movement that’s also not in-house, but of the same supplier as the original movement, well, that’s maintaining the spirit of the original offering. And “spirit” is really what we’re talking about here, right? The Tag says “Swiss made” on the front, so replacing the Ronda with a Japanese movement, if one fit, and was of higher quality, disrupts the spirit of the original Tag. The “Swiss made” becomes a lie.But would that be alright? Howie, you say you don’t work on counterfeit watches, but technically you just made one. But the motivation wasn’t to deceive. It was to make a good watch better, and to end up with a solid and working time piece. It would be like me dropping an LS7 V8 crate motor into my Miata (which I really want to do) and then having a mechanic refuse to work on the car because the original 1.8L inline 4 had been removed. But my intention wasn’t to pass off the car as a stock Miata. One difference being, it’s a real Miata, and the LS7 crate motor would be a real crate motor. It would be different if it was a different motor with LS7 written on it in Sharpie, or if the watch wasn’t a Tag but had Tag stickers on the box. Even then, all facts disclosed, and due diligence done, fix the car anyway? Where did we start? Oh yeah, is the watch now counterfeit? No, but it’s different. And as long as it’s represented as different then it’s fine. It’s evolved. It’s had a ship board replaced. It has a new handle. There’s no intent to represent it as anything more than it is. The Tag parts are still Tag. The Ronda parts are still Ronda. And if the owner has no intent to sell it or pass it on, it doubly doesn’t matter. It’s a watch. And he’s been informed along the way of the changes being made. Nothing wrong with that, is there?LikeLike

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